• Best time to go is on the weekday, in the morning or evening. There is a combo meal, a bowl of noodles and doughnuts for a discount.
  • If you go on the weekends during lunch, be prepared to wait around a few minutes if you have a big party. If you have 2-3 people, you might end up sitting with other people, since we like to maximize the number of customers.
  • Validation downstairs for 1 hr if your order is over $10
  • Credit/Debit available if your order is over $15
  • Noodle orders come out instantly, like at Pho places. Fried Dishes take time to cook, so be prepared to wait longer.
  • Talk to the owner, Matt. He is very friendly, and will usually resolve any issues.
  • You can customize your order. For example, no msg, no meat, extra noodle, add shrimp if it doesn’t come with shrimp, etc.